About Me

My name is Pamela and I have been a teacher in Ontario for 9 years now. I started out teaching Junior/Intermediate in teachers college. My first LTO opportunity was teaching teach Grade 1 and I have never turned back although I did return to intermediate for a couple years. I fell in love with the elementary panel, especially Kindergarten, and now appreciate the opportunity to be able to teach Kindergarten.

In the journey of my career I have taught many positions, every grade except 3 & 4 actually. I have also taught a congregated behaviour classroom in a section school in my school board (6 students, 6 adults). Most of my experience (5 years now) has been in the Kindergarten program.

I love to be challenged. At the beginning of my career I took a wide variety of AQ courses. My favourite one I obtained was my Reading Specialists. I now thoroughly enjoy teaching children to read.  I was inspired to take this course because I know I didn't do a good job teaching my kids how to read when they were young as I didn't really know what I was doing. Looking back I have many regrets and I try my best to inform my students parents as best I can so they can inspire a love of learning in their children! I want my students to have a positive experience with reading with their parents, while they develop their concepts of print and beginning reading strategies! I enjoy giving parents strategies to help them help their children succeed!

This blog is a little way for me to share what I have learned along the way in my journey in education.
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