Recycling Bin Labels for the Classroom

Do your children know where recycling items are supposed to go?

Many days I have had to sort the recycling myself prior to emptying it in the large school bins that go out to the road. Despite many hands on lessons to teach my students about proper recycling habits.

Many children do not understand the concepts of different types of materials, or simply don't care about it. This causes frustrations for our custodians and even our eco-team.

As a result, I created these visual recycling labels. I needed something that kids, or visiting adults to my classroom, could easily reference to know how to sort each item.

I simply printed them, laminated them and have posted them for kids to reference as an anchor chart. 

Having these clear labels has helped stop this confusion in my class. I no longer have to sort my recycling bins before it gets dumped into the big school bins anymore. This is a huge time saver for me at school!

As many different areas have different rules, I have created multiple printing options. Check them out by clicking on the images in this blog post if you're interested an anchor chart to help your kids learn to sort your classroom or schools recycling!

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