Patterning Activities in Google Slides

My students have always love engaging patterning activities using a wide variety of manipulatives. 

As we moved into digital learning, I needed a way of being able to help students access activities through an online activity.

It was Google Slides to the rescue!

These patterning activities have become my students favourite activities through this distance learning process. Our students find the movable pieces to be very engaging as I am able to cater activities to our classes interests!

They simply click and drag the images in the bottom right corner to make the patterns!

I have been assigning two slides, every other week for my students to participate in a digital patterning activity. This allows for students to not be overwhelmed and I can differentiate slides to different students based on their needs and their interests!

To make this easy for families, I duplicated the file in my drive and then deleted the slides that I am not wanting to assign to my students. Then share this file in Google Classroom as an assignment where each student has their own copy.

There are 30 different slides included in this patterning activity. There are 5 different patterns included in this digital assignment with 6 different slides with unique images for each one. Included are AB, AAB, ABB, ABA and ABC patterns.

We have had fantastic reviews from our parents. It has been a fun interactive game for their children and they have loved it!

Click on the image below to see the activities we have used so far.

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