Digital Graphing in Google Slides

In our classroom students often authentically come up with authentic questions to ask their friends in order to make surveys.

Being able to transfer that to a digital environment was an unknown for us at first. 

We ended up deciding to use this Google Slides activity so that students can ask friends and family members the questions we want to offer them. I am happy I'll still be able to use these when we return to our classroom!

These survey graphs are super easy for kids to use.

Non-readers can look at the pictures easily know what the question is to ask. They then simply click on the moveable pieces and slide it onto the graph to show their answer!

Then, when they are done filling in the graph, they can move the rectangle to the side to show they know which one was the most popular!

Easy peasy!

I have been finding that every other week I have been able to assign students two survey questions.  This has been manageable for the kids and they are enjoying the variety of questions being offered.

Would you be find digital survey's to be helpful in your classroom? Click on the image below to check them out! There are options to use throughout the full year!

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