Digital Graphing in Google Slides

In our classroom students often authentically come up with authentic questions to ask their friends in order to make surveys.

Being able to transfer that to a digital environment was an unknown for us at first. 

We ended up deciding to use this Google Slides activity so that students can ask friends and family members the questions we want to offer them. I am happy I'll still be able to use these when we return to our classroom!

These survey graphs are super easy for kids to use.

Non-readers can look at the pictures easily know what the question is to ask. They then simply click on the moveable pieces and slide it onto the graph to show their answer!

Then, when they are done filling in the graph, they can move the rectangle to the side to show they know which one was the most popular!

Easy peasy!

I have been finding that every other week I have been able to assign students two survey questions.  This has been manageable for the kids and they are enjoying the variety of questions being offered.

Would you be find digital survey's to be helpful in your classroom? Click on the image below to check them out! There are options to use throughout the full year!


Patterning Activities in Google Slides

My students have always love engaging patterning activities using a wide variety of manipulatives. 

As we moved into digital learning, I needed a way of being able to help students access activities through an online activity.

It was Google Slides to the rescue!

These patterning activities have become my students favourite activities through this distance learning process. Our students find the movable pieces to be very engaging as I am able to cater activities to our classes interests!

They simply click and drag the images in the bottom right corner to make the patterns!

I have been assigning two slides, every other week for my students to participate in a digital patterning activity. This allows for students to not be overwhelmed and I can differentiate slides to different students based on their needs and their interests!

To make this easy for families, I duplicated the file in my drive and then deleted the slides that I am not wanting to assign to my students. Then share this file in Google Classroom as an assignment where each student has their own copy.

There are 30 different slides included in this patterning activity. There are 5 different patterns included in this digital assignment with 6 different slides with unique images for each one. Included are AB, AAB, ABB, ABA and ABC patterns.

We have had fantastic reviews from our parents. It has been a fun interactive game for their children and they have loved it!

Click on the image below to see the activities we have used so far.


Recycling Bin Labels for the Classroom

Do your children know where recycling items are supposed to go?

Many days I have had to sort the recycling myself prior to emptying it in the large school bins that go out to the road. Despite many hands on lessons to teach my students about proper recycling habits.

Many children do not understand the concepts of different types of materials, or simply don't care about it. This causes frustrations for our custodians and even our eco-team.

As a result, I created these visual recycling labels. I needed something that kids, or visiting adults to my classroom, could easily reference to know how to sort each item.

I simply printed them, laminated them and have posted them for kids to reference as an anchor chart. 

Having these clear labels has helped stop this confusion in my class. I no longer have to sort my recycling bins before it gets dumped into the big school bins anymore. This is a huge time saver for me at school!

As many different areas have different rules, I have created multiple printing options. Check them out by clicking on the images in this blog post if you're interested an anchor chart to help your kids learn to sort your classroom or schools recycling!

Printer Friendly End of the Year Awards

You are never too old to get an award and enjoy being appreciated.

This is exactly why I created these awards designed for students in junior, intermediate or senior grades. They have a simple, clean-cut design and cursive font that older students can relate to.

Printer friendly end of the year awards are perfect for teachers looking for a simplistic design on a budget!

Awards make kids feel special and ensures students know that we "get them" when we acknowledge their unique, amazing qualities that make each one of them special.

Click on the image below to check them out!


Character Trait End of the Year Awards

I love focusing on character traits throughout the school year. 

I firmly believe we need to build up children's character and help them understand that this is what makes them into human beings that bring out the best in others and in themselves.
Some years, I like to give out simple, generic awards that all kids can relate too. I particularly like this set for primary grades as the graphics are kid friendly and they can easily relate to the alphabet being relevant to their day to day lives!

This set offers 111 black and white character trait awards. My students enjoy coloring them and making each one uniquely theirs and I like it as it is printer friendly and cost effective when I have to print at home.

Awards make kids feel special and ensures students know that I "get them" when I acknowledge their unique, amazing traits.

Click on the image below to check them out if you're interested!


Editable End of the Year Awards

I love to let my students know that I recognize them for being a unique person. One of my favorite ways is by giving them awards.

Awards make kids feel special and ensures students know that I "get them" when I acknowledge their unique, amazing traits.
I'm in love with the kid theme version of these editable awards as there are 241 printable options! I promise, it is easy. All you need is PowerPoint or Google Slides. Everything is set up for you already. Simply fill in your names, the date and then press print!

You can even highlight the text to change the font if you want a fancier font to give to students!

Over the years I have had a lot of fun coming up with a variety of ways to acknowledge students. Many of the awards I have made were for specific students I have taught. I've even had many people email me to request additions to this file!

I love that I can add our names, choose the font and font size as well as add the date to each one. This means I can reuse it yearly!

Are you looking for different awards that are not included in this file? Don't worry! There are 15 slides that allow you to create your own!

If you would like to give these awards a try, check them out at my TpT store!

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