Beginner Writing Continuum

Communicating with three or four educators in the classroom can be tricky.

This past year, I used picture images to group my guided reading groups. I've decided to implement learning goals and success criteria for writing in the exact same way.

Students will print their own names on sticky notes and we will get them to identify where they are on the continuum after we have collected several diagnostic assessment pieces.

We will be dividing the different groups amongst our teaching team and this will be supported by our planning teacher who will be focusing on writing this year as well.

I love that we will be able to use this to guide and separate our groups which we will be working with. Documenting children's progress in small groups will simply be a photo taken throughout the year to show growth!

I am excited to have this visual posted in our classroom as it will represent student understanding of what they can achieve and will help with keeping expectations and communication consistent for all teachers without having to have any formal meetings.

I have included the above continuum in the product shown below as a bonus. Click on the image to check it out!

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