Weekly Round-Up: December 1st, 2017

This week has been a busy one! 

Black Friday has officially come and gone and this week. Hope you had a great weekend with family and were able to get some good deals before the holidays arrives!

This week, you will see, there has been a heavy focus on math. Our class has a rhythm and students have been problem-solving on their own during learning centers. This has given us a lot more freedom to be able to focus on small group instruction and see how kids represent their understanding while in play!

1. Language

Having students share their personal life is huge.

We love posting about our students' real lives throughout the classroom. Students take home this "All About Me" poster at the beginning of the year and share it with their friends.

Kids love knowing that you actually know about their lives and are interested and invested in them. Knowing simple information about their favorite color, food and books help students share their lives!

Click here to get your own copy! These have turned out amazingly well. I wish I could show you a filled out version, from my class, but I cannot due to privacy issues.

2. Math: Patterning

We started to focus our learning on patterning this week.

It is not the first time we have explored patterns. We have done them physically in transitions (claps & taps etc), as we dance and during music!

I usually start with a template for my youngest learners. I let students pick the colors that they want to make an AB pattern and they copy it. If they have practiced several times I try to see if they can extend the pattern.

After they created their pattern, I asked them to color their pattern on paper. Many were able to do it but those who could not are quickly identified for targeting for small group instruction.

3. Math: Measurement

Our first measurement activity was inspired by another class at our school!

We added ginger kids to our wall and students stood beside the wall and their friends measured them.

We added a huge paper and markers for writing and students recorded their name and they printed their own number of ginger kids beside their name.

4. Math: Number Sense

Roll, write and build!

A simple number sense game that is engaging, simple and effective.

5. Building

Block building allows students to demonstrate their understanding of their world.

This is a simple bedroom. There is a bed, dresser, lamp, toy box and more! Watching, listening and playing with children lets you understand their thinking and get to know them more!

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