How to Customize Your Desktop Images on a Mac

Have you ever wanted to customize your folder images on your MAC? 

I just learned how to do it this week and I am super excited to share it with you! 

It is super easy to do!

First of all I create my images in powerpoint. 

The image size I use is 5" * 5".  I made a shape, filled it in with a background that I wanted and then added my text.

Next you need to highlight everything that you want to include in your image. 

Double click on the border surrounding it and click on "Group" and then "Group" again.  The image will look like the one below without showing the lines for the text. It is now one image. 

Right click on this image and copy it (command C) or click file and copy.

Double click on the file that you want to pick and click on "Get Info."

Now you must click on the blue "folder" at the top left of the Info that appears on your screen. As soon as you have done that press copy by either clicking on "File" and then "Paste" or using the Command V shortcut to paste it to replace that blue image! 

Instantly the image at the bottom and top will be replaced and it will look like the image below and your done!

Have fun making your customized desktop!

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