Holiday Posters

Have you ever felt you need a splash of holiday cheer?

I love these posters for at home in a frame or at school to decorate my classroom.

Placing children's art throughout the room is often how I decorate my classroom. I love adding a splash of posters throughout the classroom to add some Christmas cheer.

If you want to check out the various posters I use in different grades, click on the images below:

Junior-Senior Posters

I have used these posters as writing prompts for students. They are great for journal reflections or simply being thoughtful about what these songs mean to them.

Primary Posters

I love how simple this poster set is.

Young children can easily make meaning about what the posters represent even if they are not readers.

I especially love letting children color to represent their learning. I often set out the black and white version of this and see how they represent their ideas of the songs!

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