Weekly Round-Up: November 2, 2017

This week has been a busy one!

With Halloween this week we had a lot of fun activities but to keep things in routine and calm we tried our best to keep in routine and to keep the room calm.

I hope you find some of these activities to be useful for your students!

1. Literacy & Art

Our school is a paperless school. I teach at a brand new school and we are starting to get the hang of what paperless actually means in kindergarten.

In our kindergarten, we offer blank paper for writing books (as discussed in this blog post on book writing in kindergarten) but not for much else. As a result, we frequently offer whiteboards and markers for our students to draw and express themselves creatively without writing a book. 

This week I spent the majority of my small group instruction time assessing students reading skills. Students spent a lot of time writing letters and numbers on our whiteboards as well as writing books!

2. Math

Patterning blocks are a great fun way to explore 2D shapes. Having ready made pictures for students to create develops their ability to see, recognize and understand that shapes make images!

3. Dramatic Play

What could this represent?

Many things! 

After Halloween students may have a different understanding of what this is compared to the week before when you teach kindergarten! This was an engaging learning center in our class!

4. Gross Motor

Learning how to navigate through a maze is fun. 


Can be frustrating for an educator to tape over and over again BUT it is totally worth it! ;) 

5. Outdoor Learning

We have large tubes for putting out during our outdoor learning. 

This week our students were fascinated with filling them with tennis balls. 

We decided to count how many could fit inside it. Many students were able to count 1-1 to solve this question and others had great motivation to practice their counting skills.

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