Reflecting Children's Lives Book Review

Our Kindergarten team has studied a book each year in a book club.

It is a great way to develop common language, support each other in our learning and give each other ideas to use in our classroom.

We recently studied "Reflecting Children's Lives" by Deb Curtis and Margie Carter.

Overall, I found that it was a great book which for teachers who are just starting on their journey into emergent practice and a reflective book for teachers who are currently using this model.

Our team had a lot of "ah ha" moments where we acknowledged the growth from where we started years ago and could name how we are actively embracing this philosophy in our classrooms and as a team during outdoor learning.

My favourite chapter was the chapter 2 on Revitalizing the Environment.

The book highlights many principles to keep in mind to encourage an emergent environment but we noted in our group that some of the philosophies of the book are geared to a daycare toddler setting versus an actual Kindergarten classroom.

We had some great discussions about these differences and the importances of them.

These small reminders were great:

  • looking at the whole classroom from a Childs perspective
  • easily accessible learning materials
  • open-ended loose parts and materials
  • using diverse textures in materials, sensory and even lighting
  • ensuring a flexible classroom environment
  • reflect students lives
  • ensure to reflect multiple cultures in your room based upon the students in your class
  • be flexible
  • use natural materials

I would highly recommend reading it as a professional read to reflect upon your learning.

If you are interested in purchasing it I have a link to my Amazon affiliate where you can check it out  by clicking on the photo of the book above.

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