Holiday Card Templates

 I love letting my students create their own unique art to share with others.

Sometimes though, I'm limited on time before the holiday break as life around the school is hectic, engaging and sometimes utterly exhausting.

I'm not complaining!

Just stating it as it can be.

I always encourage my students to think of others throughout the school year but especially during the holiday season as so many people struggle at this time of the year.

One way I have found to be helpful, during this busy season, is to have card templates out for students to create cards to their family or friends. I have used it as an art activity before but to be honest I usually just leave it out for early finishers or students who want to create something special for whomever they want.

The inside words I made for my primary students so I don't need to worry about them being concerned about the spelling. They can add any text that they want to the cards which they love to do. The cover of the cards are left completely up to their hearts desire!

I decided to make these templates available for you last year. If you ever use them feel free to post pictures of them on Instagram and tag me @teachingelementaryandbeyond ! FYI: They come in blackline and color!

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