Digital Holiday Concert Planning for Busy Teachers

Do you ever forget what songs your students have performed at school concerts?

Ever changed schools and wondered what has been presented by classes in years prior to you being at the new school?

I've had this happen to me multiple times throughout my career. I will admit that although my teaching partners have been fabulous at keeping me in the loop, when switching new schools, sometimes it is handy just having all the information all in one place.

This led me to do some brainstorming and I came up with a digital product for Google Sheets. 

How Do We Collaborate?

One slide allows for all teachers to input their song or poem selection that they will be using. Teachers can easily and quickly input their ideas during a staff/planning meeting. You can also send this out to staff through an email and have them fill it in by a predetermined deadline. 

This allows everyone to instantly see if there are duplications for songs. Having all the songs in one place for everyone to see for years to come allows for greater collaboration and a wider understanding of the culture of the community you are teaching in!

I decided instead of everyone reinventing the wheel I'd share it with you already put together.

Additional Benefits:

Another slide is provided with 96 examples, at the time of this blog post but will be growing, of different songs and poems for primary grades. A variety of themes are included! 

This sheet is not limited to any grade. It could easily be adapted for older students and anyone in your staff can make additions to this as long as you ensure you share the file so that others can edit it! If you want to check it out, click on the image below. There are a variety of other "features" included in this file. Check it out if you want more details!

I hope that you find this to be as useful as I have found. It really has helped our team be more collaborative. We are definately planning more effectively, less energy and time put into organizing compared to previous years!

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