A Great Read Aloud for Acceptance

I love teaching morals through picture books. "You're Different and That's Super" is a great picture book I just discovered for students to begin to explore acceptance. You can click on the image below to view the book on Amazon.

It does not matter what group of kids I have taught, there is always one student who points out how someone is different in the group.

Short vs tall.

Long hair vs short hair.

Creators vs builders.

Young children learn through discovering opposites. Up vs down. Night vs day. Gentle vs rough. Teaching children to understand that differences are okay and to be proud of their differences is necessary.

This book is about an orphan colt who lived on a farm. All the mares were unique. At first, the other animals made fun of this orphan for his unique whinny and called him Trumpet. He was fast so that didn't matter to the other animals.

On his first birthday, he began to grow a horn. He is bullied as a result of his growing horn and ends up hating the fact that he is different until there is an emergency in the barn. His uniqueness saves the animals and he eventually discovers that his differences are great and important!

I think this is a great message to all children. It might take a while to truly understand who we all are and how we are unique but we need to accept each other and in doing so we learn how great we all can be together!

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