Weekly Round-Up: October 27, 2017

Hey friends!

How has your week been? I hope not too crazy!

This post includes  a variety of different activities from language, science, fine motor develoment and more! I hope it can inspire some learning in your classroom!

1. Literacy 

This week I have been focusing on media and starting to assess my students on their reading levels. We have been exploring various books and videos of the Five Little Pumpkins and have made comparisons of them.

Students have been so fascinated with it that many of them have been writing their own books to retell the story and have been dramatizing the song as they sing it.

We voted on our favourite version of the book. These are the versions, from Amazon, that we used in our class this week!

2. Fine Motor Development

We placed out a few Halloween play dough cutters for our students to play with. We have been focusing this week on reading Five Little Pumpkins and many of the children have been representing their ideas by creating their own pumpkins!

3. Sensory & Fine Motor Development

Add some marbels and golf tees to the sand table! Can you stand the marbels up and keep them standing?

4. Paint

We placed out four colors for our students to see what they would do after reading Five Little Pumpkins. Many students dramatized the story as they painted their own representation of it!


Can you build a gate that will support Five Little Pumpkins? This has been a very popular center this week!

6. Gross Motor

During outdoor learning, we introduced t-ball! It has been a huge hit with many of our students. Several play baseball already and have been teaching and showing their friends how to play!

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