Never-Ending Cone Hunt: A Twist on Hide and Seek

Never-ending one hunt is one of my favorite never ending games to play outside with primary students. It is simply a game of hide and seek with balls and cones.

What you need?

More cones than you have students playing.
Enough tennis balls to hide underneath half of the cones.


Set up your cones on a field sporadically placed all over the place. Hide the balls underneath several of the cones.

How to Play

Students all start searching together to look under the cones to find a ball. They can only look under one cone at a time. If they find a ball they have to remove it and hide it under a different cone to hide it from their friends. So, they need to look under other ones to see if they are empty or they need to remember which ones they have recently checked that were empty in order to know where they can place the found ball. I usually stop at first after five minutes and then extend the time based upon the ability of the students to keep running.

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