Chicken Tag

Chicken tag is a hilarious game for children to play during outside learning or during gym class.

It is a never ending game of tag.

Never ending games are always my favorite to quickly burn as they burn a lot of energy and have fun at the same time!

What you need:

2 flexible plastic chickens and 2 noodles for 20-3- students. Add more of each item to keep a similar ratio. This is perfect for inside or a warm day. If the chickens get cold they can hurt depending upon which brand you have.

How to play:

Pre teach how to tag with a noodle. Gently, below the shoulder and higher than the waist. Students with the chicken tag. Students with the noodle untag.

If a child is tagged with a chicken they must freeze and pretend to be a chicken by squawking and making their arms go up and down like a chicken flying. In order to be unfrozen the student with the noodle needs to gently tag the student! The kids think this is hilarious and it keeps the game fun! Change up the players frequently to keep interest as the taggers and those who untag will be tired quickly!

Have fun playing!

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