Exploring the Landfill: A Field Trip to Remember

I had always heard that the landfill was most of my colleague's favorite field trip of all time.

This year I had the pleasure of trying it out and I was not disappointed!

We were shocked by how easy it is to save trees!

This small stack of paper (compared to an SK student) when recycled will save one tree from being cut down!

One bail contains 40 000 compressed cans! Our local landfill can sell each one for $1800! 

I personally knew that packaging is expensive but did not totally realize that for every $10.00 we spend at our grocery story that $1.00 of it pays for packaging! 

I did know, and was glad to see, that the landfill was a true supporter of litterless lunches!

Did you know that juice boxes are recycled and turned into toilet paper? I didn't know that!

A am sorry for the poor quality of the following image. But, the message is important. 

It is always a good reminder to keep in mind how long it takes for items to decompose before we just throw things into the garbage.

It is amazing how easily all of these items are collected. 

Small decisions truly do make a big impact in our world! 

Have you been to the landfill for a field trip or a tour? What did you learn there?

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