Back to School: Just In Case Clothes

I cannot believe that it is already this time of the year again!

Time to set up my classroom and get everything ready for the new students who have never been to school before!

Let's be real. Accidents happen ALL. THE. TIME. in Kindergarten!

As a result, the very first thing I tackled this year is my "just in case" clothes bag. We keep it in students buckets in our hallway and at night their indoor shoes go on top of the bag. I'll be honest, I like a uniform look so I make the bags up myself and it allows parents to realize that the clothes should fit inside this container.

I always ensure that students names are on the bag so that they are easy to identify if they get lost and I like to add a list for what parents can add in the bag.

The list is pretty simple:
2 pairs of socks
2 shorts/pants
2 shirts
2 underwear

Parents appreciate that they know I've got everything ready for them and I love the organized look!

If you're interested, you can check out these identical editable labels by clicking here

or you can see my blog post about a similar set of mailbag labels by clicking here.

Teacher Tip: 
Always have a spare change of clothes readily available at your school. You NEVER know if you will ever need them.

Happy back to school!


Teacher Desk Must Haves

Welcome to the sneak peak of my teacher desk.

I'm going to list my favorite "go to" essential supplies that I always have on hand.

It's taken me a long time to figure out what I use and what I don't use in my classroom. Everything that I have listed below I use on a daily or weekly basis in my room.

FYI: This post includes affiliate links for where you can pick identical or similar items off of Amazon. No pressure. I just wanted to make life easy for you!


If you cannot tell through my pictures, I LOVE Sharpie pens as they have so many uses in my classroom.

Writing on chart paper.

Creating bulletin boards.

Using as an art medium.

In my collection, I have both of these sets and I love them as they offer a wide variety of colors. I don't mind the duplicates as they are usually the colors I use the most.


Flair pens are my new favorite writing tool.

I use them for EVERYTHING.

I've always been bored with writing with the same color so these give me lots of options!

My favorite pen, when I need a black one, is the Dixon Trend brand.

I like how smooth it is when it prints.

I will admit that not many other of my teaching peers "love" them but for some reason, they are the only pens of mine that regularly disappear from my classroom.

Chalk & Whiteboard Tools

Chalk paint markers for whiteboards and dry erases crayons.

The markers are great for being "permanent" in that they need to be washed off.

The dry erase crayons are fun!

I try to use these for notes and messages I don't want the kids to be easily erasing throughout the day.

I love using chalk markers for blackboards. To be honest, this isn't the brand I use (I got mine in the craft section of the local Dollar store).

I use these all the time to write messages and questions for provocations at learning centers.


I use thin and thick highlighters.

I use them mostly in my writing program having students highlight where they have edited their work.

I also love using them for rainbow writing activities!

Scissors & Punches

Fiskars is the only brand that I like for scissors or hole punches.

The brand of scissors we are allowed to purchase through our school is horrible at cutting.

Although my scissors are not in the image above they are very similar to this one. My scissors have a cover which I always use and I never let the students use them.

Do you have any other "must have" items that are on your teacher desk that you cannot do without?
Let me know below!


Parent Communication Organization

 I love having an organized parent-teacher communication binder.

It helps keep me focused and I don't need to search for multiple binders when everything is all located in on spot. My binder does get quite big by the end of the year but I do appreciate having a one-stop-spot for everything.

Binder Organization

What Do I Keep?

Basically, I keep every form of communication with parents which is written in my communication binder and much more! Such as:

Parents "wishes" that they want me to know about their child

Notes about student behavior

Parent volunteer lists (dates, times etc)

Parent sign up lists (snacks, play dough, etc)

Any information from our Special Education team or any
professional who comes to service students.

Parent communication log - both praise points and concerns

If you want to check out the log I use in my binder click on the image to view it!


Basic Labels
If I have tabs that I want to reuse every year I assign each student a number and then attach a class list to the front of my binder using a clip. I then can easily flip to the students' number by counting to find their information quickly.

I have also used numbered tabs for multiple years but I find they don't last as the ones I have purchased are not reinforced and I often have had more than 31 students in my class and I like a consistent form of organization.

If I had regularly had fewer students than 31 I would be more inclined to use these again. Click on any image on this page if you want to check them out on Amazon affiliate for more information. I don't make a lot off of this at all, just hoping to cover some costs of running this website.

Write & Erase
These, by far, are my favorite!

AND have saved my sanity this past year.

I have found that the Avery Write & Erase labels are often more durable than other dividers as they are reinforced along the edge where the holes are punched.

I also love them because I can write students names on these and reuse them year after year! I've had the set shown below but in the colors of my photos for a year and all of the dividers are in perfect condition despite daily use!


Books for the First Week of Kindergarten

I love picture books!

They are an engaging way for kids to connect their world to the world around them.

It makes it easier for them to adapt to new situations when they know others have felt the same way that they do.

I hope you find this list to be helpful in your planning of your first week of Kindergarten!
Here are some tried and true books that I have found to be amazing in my classroom.

I personally love having my own collection.

If you're interested in picking one of these up I am including my affiliate links to Amazon simply for your convenience to check them out. No pressure!

First Day Jitters

By: Julie Danneberg
Sarah does not want to go to school. She is nervous about it and has many struggles the first day of school!

The Kissing Hand

By: Audrey Penn
It is hard to do new things. Doing it when you know someone loves you makes it much easier to do!

Countdown to Kindergarten

By: Alison McGhee
This book explores fun topics of what we can and cannot do in Kindergarten. It helps reassure kids to know what to expect so that it isn't all new and scary for them. 

Tiptoe Into Kindergarten

By: Jacqueline Rogers
The adventure of a shy little girl who explores her classroom carefully by tiptoeing around her class as she learns what happens in a Kindergarten class. It is a quick easy read for students with a short attention span!

How Do Dinosaurs Go To School

By: Jane Yolen & Mark Teague
Dinosaurs are not delicate and they don't always have their manners! Learn along with this dinosaur about how we go to school and what we do!

The Twelve Days of Kindergarten

By: Deborah Lee Rose
This book can be read or even sung by an adventurous educator! It is identical in tune to the 12 Days of Christmas and introduces counting and life in kindergarten in a fun way!

Froggy Goes to School

By: Jonathan London
Froggy anxiously awaits his first day of school and has a silly adventure throughout his day making his first day of school memorable.

A Bad Case of the Stripes

By: David Shannon
Whatever will Camilla Cream do? She is so worried about what others think! This is a great targeted at anxious students.

If you Take a Mouse to School

By: Laura Numeroff
Be very careful if you ever want to bring a mouse to school! They are full of mischief!

The Way to School

By: Rosemary McCarney with Plan International
I love this book for teaching about inclusion and about our global community. 

Everyone comes to school in a different way. Knowing how others do it in other places around the world helps make our journey to school a little bit easier!

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