Outdoor Learning: Exploring Paint

Playing and exploring outdoors is one of my favorite ways to extend learning with my students.

We love to add color to our water bottles and spray them onto a variety of materials.

We have brought out mural paper, chart paper and even white sheets like what is shown in the images above.

All of these we attach to our fence and let the kids explore with their creations. 

Materials we used:

dead washable markers - creates vibrant colors which are washable
food dye - be careful as it can stain so only add a few drops
paint - add a couple drops of a water based paint to water and shake to mix the colors up!

Weather Caution:

Be sure to make sure that you do this on a hot day so that the paint dries quickly.

We have had staff leave students art outside after we go inside and it has gotten ruined or blown away creating litter on the school yard.

I firmly believe in modelling respect for the earth and teaching children at a young age to take care of it!

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