Recognizing Student Achievement

I love recognizing the student achievement in my classroom.

From hard work, a great attitude, to the most improved in a subject student achievement is important to celebrate.

There are many different ways to recognize students.

Here is a small listing of a few ways I have used over the years in my classroom:

Phone Call Home

Calling home to parents at the beginning of the year is a great way to establish a connection with the families in your classroom.

Random calls throughout the school year are especially important for families who you do not see on a regular basis.

Positive praise points

A simple kind word of recognition goes a long way to build character and encourage students in their learning.

This is often the most effective and personalized way to acknowledge student growth!

Brag Tags

Brag tags are a fun way to recognize student behavior and learning in the classroom.

Students can collect their tags throughout the school year or take them home nightly to share with their family!

My students love earning these on a regular basis and it is a great motivator for helping in the classroom.



Students earn points through achieving learning goals or through positive behavior with classroom management programs like classroom dojo.

Have students compete against themselves so that they see improvement and gains throughout the year!

Before or After School Chats with Parents

Children love it when they hear their teacher proudly share about all the great learning they are doing in the classroom.

Parents know whether or not their child's teacher understands them and they love to hear about their child's growth.

Instant feedback is a great way to do this!

End of the Year Awards

Student awards at the end of the year are one of my favorite ways of celebrating student achievement in a tangible way for kids to take home and share with their family the growth they have made throughout the year.

If you want to check out the end of the year awards I use to recognize my students click on the link below!

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