3D Figure Videos

This list of videos is my "go to" for songs and activities to help teach my kindergarten students about 3D figures.

I hope you find it helpful!

If you're interested in learning about a wide variety of  3D figure activities we use in our kindergarten class, feel free to check out this blog post here.

Harry Kindergarten: 3D Shapes I Know

I have used this video for years and the children always love it!

Solid Shape for Kids

3D Shapes for kids to learn

Jack Hartmann

Learning Shapes: 3D Shapes 

Jack Hartmann

What Shape Is It? 3D Shapes

This is a simple video naming shapes.

The Singing Walrus: 3D Shapes

This song teaches kids about figures and objects that are the same shape.

3D Shapes for Kids

The Shape Name Game Song

Monster Trucks Learn 3D Shapes

Learn 3D Shapes for Kids

3D Shapes Songs for Kids by NUMBEROCK

This is a rap to teach names and objects of 3D figures

Teacher Tipster: 3D Shape Songs 

{for teachers}

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