Groundhog's Day Videos: Stories, Facts and Songs

Check out the videos below for quick links concerning hot topics around Groundhogs Day!
Peep and the big wide world: Bringing Spring
It is a cold and dreary spring until groundhog sees her shadow!

Wake Up Groundhog!

Double Trouble Groundhog Day

It's Groundhog Day!

Good Morning, Groundhog!

Who Will See Their Shadow This Year?

Go To Sleep, Groundhog!

Groundhogs Day

Substituted Groundhog

Groundhog Gets a Say

Grumpy Groundhog

Gretchen Groundhog


The History of Groundhogs Day

Groundhog Day Explained

The facts about groundhogs.

Fun Facts About Groundhogs!

How Are Shadows Formed?

Groundhog Day!
This video helps to explain why it is difficult to see groundhogs in February and
 how much wood they can move!

Groundhog Day Explained

The Weird History of Groundhogs Day

The Groundhogs Song

The Groundhog Song

Groundhogs Day Song for Kids

Happy Groundhogs Day
A song for young children.

The Groundhog Gallop

Groundhog Day - Feb 2

Groundhog Day 2015 Original Song

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