Co-Created Class Schedule

Whenever possible, I am learning that my students like to use real photos of our day for our daily schedule.

I like a consistent look and was looking for something that provided lines and boundaries for my kids to be able to add their own text in a differentiated way.

I looked around and couldn't find what I was looking for, so I ended up creating my own! If you want real life photos and children to print the environmental print in your classroom, this may be something you are interested in. It looks great printed in color and in black and white.

One thing that I love about this schedule is that all of the schedules are the same size (4.5" * 11").

I can print off different pages for different students based on their writing skill level and if they need to trace letters, I know that other students will be able to read their writing!

There are three different schedules that I included in one product to allow for differentiation! Tracing allows my youngest students, who often are non printers, to be able to participate in creating our schedule. The blank option allows for students to print all the words based on their own printing ability.

1. Insert photos & trace wording

2. Professionally print photos & trace wording

3. Insert photos and students individualize wording

If you're interested in checking this schedule out, click on this image to check it out!

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