Books To Inspire Line Art

My favorite way of introducing any art concept is through a book. It provides meaning and a deeper understanding for students. I also love it when kids are given the opportunity to show what they know. They always prove to have amazing skill and talent beyond what we realize.

A Beautiful OOPS!
This book is the perfect book for children to realize that mistakes can be turned into something beautiful. 

10 Black Dots
This book is the perfect book for children to see circles all around them. Great for inspiring art and allowing children to use their own creativity as they pick how many dots they want to use in their own picture!

Not A Stick
What can a stick be turned into? Have students be creative and show their imagination using their artistic or creative building skills!

Not A Box
Clearly, it is not a box! Students will be inspired to turn a square into something inspirational.

Not A Box
Children will learn how we can change the look of a simple shape to create many different things!

 Not A Box
This book is fantastic for learning how similar shapes can make a variety of different creations! All inspired by a little wind! ;)

This is a story of children who learn that it is okay to make and create things "ish" like. This is one of my favourite artistic books to inspire creativity.

This book explores how shapes learn how to get along with each other. It is a great book to use to explore creativity, imagination and friendship!

The Dot
A story of a girl who is frustrated creating art but then learns, as she goes through the learning pit, that she is artistic and creative. 

A Little Bit of OOMPH!
Turn something ordinary into something extraordinary with a little bit of "oomph!" It is a fun engaging books that kids will truly enjoy!

Do you have any other favourite books to inspire line art? Please feel free to list below or email me! I'd love to add to this list!

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