Anti-Bullying Videos and Books for Primary Teachers

I am always looking for quick handy resource lists for special occasions or hot topics that occur in my classroom.

I hope you find this list of anti-bullying videos and books to be helpful.

It's a great resource list for teachers looking for ideas for pink shirt day!

Invisible Isabelle
This is a children's book about bullying. She has a unique style and her friends bully her because of it. She changes her appearance so much to fit in that she becomes invisible.

Pickles and the Bully
What do you do when you are very smart and cannot talk to solve a bully problem?

Sesame Street: Don't Be a Bully
An engaging video which kids can relate too.

Don't Laugh at Me
This is a song about how special and unique everyone is.
Sockhead Smith: Anti-Bullying Song
This has a short lesson and song to hep make children aware of what bullying is and how to react when being bullied.

The Meanest Girl in Second Grade
Zoe wasn't just mean, she was REALLY mean to others. A good lesson in bullying.

McGruff: Anti-Bullying Film
McGruff is on the hunt to solve a mystery.
The Playground is for Everyone
These kids learn how to take a stand against a bully who doesn't want them to play on the playground and it is an important lesson in sharing.
Goose On A Roof
Goose has low self esteem due to being bullied by the other geese.
Bad Astrid
Astrid is unpleasant to others. She eventually reveals why she isn't nice to her neighbor and a friendship is born. This is a great conversation starter for young learners.

Clara and the Bossy
A story of what can happen when a friend becomes bossy.
Eddie Longpants
This story is great for sharing a story of acceptance and will start a great discussion on teasing with your students.
Fancy Nancy and the Mean Girl
Fancy Nancy faces a realistic problem and solution to a problem regarding a race. Teasing, bullying and sportsmanship are all covered in this simple book!

King of the Playground
Kevin faces a bully at school. After discussing it with his dad, he discovers a variety of strategies to solve his problem. 

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