Fizzing Ice Experiment

Science experiments of any kind are always a hit in our classroom.

We often will experiment with mixing primary colors using water, food coloring and droppers. We tried a new experiment today using new materials. I would suggest having an old blanket under the bucket.

Materials needed:

crushed ice
food coloring
blanket to catch spills

First, I crushed ice at home using my ice maker.

I ended up filling a cereal container with all our crushed ice. 

It was enough for two large experiments.

I also brought a full container of baking soda.

To prepare for the experiment I  filled up three baby jars with vinegar and food coloring with three primary colors and added droppers . 

I then spread a decent amount of baking soda over the ice.

The students added the drops onto the ice.

Student Observations

"The ice is changing colors!"

"Look, it is so pretty!"

"We are making colorful ice. This is fun!"

"The ice is making a noise. It sounds like it is popping."

"It sounds like pop!"

At the end of the experiment, the bottom our our bucket turned into a puddle of vinegar water. 

The children enjoyed mixing the colors together and watching it fizz at the end of the experiment as much as they enjoyed the beginning of the experiment. 

"We made brown!"

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