All About Peace: A Compilation of Videos

This is a compilation of videos of songs and poems about peace. I hope that this can help you out.

Save your time!

I have watched many of these over the years to help make our Remembrance Day assembly special! We usually rotate videos over the years so it isn't always the same one every year.
Light A Candle For Peace
This song is great for any primary classroom. We have used it in our assembly and had Kindergarten students perform it. One of our primary teachers was able to figure out the piano and accompanied the class. It was quite lovely. (1 min 23 sec)

I've Got Peace In My Fingers
This is a simple repetitive song for young children to help them understand the basic concept of peace. Great for a Kindergarten class or primary grades! (1 min 44 sec)

Hug O War
This is a poem that is set to some gentle music. It has a woman reading the poem (there is some chatter going on in the background) and there is a rotation of multiple slides of children. There are more poems found on youtube but they are much shorter than this particular link. (1 min 11 sec)

Highway of Heroes - The Trews - Remembrance Day
This is an engaging video for older students. It is a video by the band, The Trews, and has snapshots of real life situations of peace. (4 min 34 sec)

Heal The World
This song is by Michael Jackson and has a great message of healing the world around the world. Children join in together to help and support each other through a variety of "situations." It does have some graphic images of poverty, war, struggles that many people face all around the world. It would be very appropriate for junior and intermediate students. (6 min 22 sec)

Shawn Hlookoff - Soldier
This song has a really nice piano accompaniment which helps students reflect upon why soldiers fight for us. It has a Remembrance Day focus, but could easily be used in a lesson to help students understand peace. It consists of a slideshow of a variety of videos and images which interchange between Shawn singing this song. It really is quite impactful and would be great for a wide range of students. (4 min 32 sec)

A Wish For Peace
This sounds like a school choir singing with accompaniment music. The words are scrolled throughout for students to read. Younger children could easily listen and learn from the words and older students would find it engaging to read. (2 min 24 sec)

Jim Papoulis has a collection of many songs on videos which are posted online that are sung by various children's choirs. They are quite engaging and you may find them to be useful. Some of the videos have a descriptive explanation of the song by the choir director. You may find these beneficial to listen to, or skip over depending upon your classes needs.

Stand Together (4  min 19 sec)
We Will (4 min 19 sec)
Give Us Hope (3 min 21 sec)
Oye (Listen) (3 min 52 sec)
Can You Hear (4 min 35 sec)
Feel The World Dancing (4 min 26 sec)
Sounds of a Better World (32 min 42 sec)
When I Close My Eyes (3 min 55 sec)
Kusimama (Stand Tall) (3 min 15 sec)
Juntos (Together) (3 min 33 sec)


Never-Ending Cone Hunt: A Twist on Hide and Seek

Never-ending one hunt is one of my favorite never ending games to play outside with primary students. It is simply a game of hide and seek with balls and cones.

What you need?

More cones than you have students playing.
Enough tennis balls to hide underneath half of the cones.


Set up your cones on a field sporadically placed all over the place. Hide the balls underneath several of the cones.

How to Play

Students all start searching together to look under the cones to find a ball. They can only look under one cone at a time. If they find a ball they have to remove it and hide it under a different cone to hide it from their friends. So, they need to look under other ones to see if they are empty or they need to remember which ones they have recently checked that were empty in order to know where they can place the found ball. I usually stop at first after five minutes and then extend the time based upon the ability of the students to keep running.

Chicken Tag

Chicken tag is a hilarious game for children to play during outside learning or during gym class.

It is a never ending game of tag.

Never ending games are always my favorite to quickly burn as they burn a lot of energy and have fun at the same time!

What you need:

2 flexible plastic chickens and 2 noodles for 20-3- students. Add more of each item to keep a similar ratio. This is perfect for inside or a warm day. If the chickens get cold they can hurt depending upon which brand you have.

How to play:

Pre teach how to tag with a noodle. Gently, below the shoulder and higher than the waist. Students with the chicken tag. Students with the noodle untag.

If a child is tagged with a chicken they must freeze and pretend to be a chicken by squawking and making their arms go up and down like a chicken flying. In order to be unfrozen the student with the noodle needs to gently tag the student! The kids think this is hilarious and it keeps the game fun! Change up the players frequently to keep interest as the taggers and those who untag will be tired quickly!

Have fun playing!

Teaching Kindergarten on a Budget

Lets face it. Teaching Kindergarten is expensive. I am hoping that I can give you some tips and advice to make it affordable to your pocket book and not break the bank.

Thrift Stores

This is a teachers gift from heaven! Books, manipulatives, outdoor learning materials for centers as well as classroom decor items can all be purchased here for a reasonable price. Are you okay with painting? Are you allowed to bring in shelves? If you are you can easily make a gorgeous room out of second hand resources!


The dollar store truly has become a teachers favorite place to shop. To be honest, it isn't my pocket books favorite place. I've spent too much over the years here. Be very selective about what you bring in. Try to ensure you can use it throughout the year instead of purchasing single use items.

The Giving Tree

At the beginning of the year have parents sign up on a giving tree. They pick an item that you are needing and that they are willing to purchase off the tree and bring it back as soon as they can!

Loose Parts

Send a note home for parents about materials you are looking for.

Even share photos of what you want with your friends and family on Facebook! You would be shocked how happy your family and friends will be at purging what they don't need and that they are able to help you out!

I know it sounds silly to mention it, but looking through what you already own will often shock you about what resources you already have. Spend time in the summer sorting your materials and you'll likely find some gems you forgot you owned!

Support Recycling

Does your creation station need some new material? Keep safe recyclables to add to your learning materials and teach your students about how you can reuse items to help to save the earth!

Do you teach an inquiry based program?

Brainstorm ideas of what your learning about and collaborate with the kids about what you need in the classroom. Send a note home to the parents. Consider having a template and have students add their ideas in their own printing to increase student ownership in the inquiry!

P.S. keep a note about who brought in different items and send it home at the end of the inquiry! Keep your own life from becoming cluttered!

Holidays/End of Year

Do you have something that you "need" for your class? Would you enjoy a gift card to an educational store or even the dollar store? Consider sending a note home to parents and listing theses ideas as alternatives in leu of teacher gifts. Parents might appreciate knowing they are investing in their child's learning environment!

Use your Budget!

I know many teachers who do not use up their allocated classroom budget. Don't be afraid or forget to use it! Many do.

Do you have any other tips for teachers who are trying to stay on a budget?

Books for Learning About Colors!

I love exploring art through picture books. 

It is easy, engaging and hooks kids into learning. 

I hope you enjoy looking through the books I have used over the years in either lessons or as an art provocation to help teach children about colors.

I personally like having my own copies of books for an easy reference and to avoid many trips to the library!

If you're interested in picking up these books I've included my affiliate links in this post at the bottom of the page.


By: Monique Felix
This is a story with pictures only of a curious little mouse who has an adventure with paint. It has some fun mixing colors in a color pallet and creating primary colors as the result!


This book is a great book for exploring shades and hues of colors. I will often put this out as a simple provocation with just a single color and white paint for kids to explore making different variations. Amazingly beautiful art is always a result of this as a provocation.

A Color of His Own

This is a picture book about animals and their colors. It explores how chameleons can change colors in a fun way that encourages friendships.

White Rabbit's Color Book

By: Alan Baker
White Rabbit has an adventure mixing primary colours! 


By: Bruce McMillan
This book explores a variety of food that grows in many different colors.

Canada in Colours 

By: Per-Henrik Gurth
Looking for some Canadian content? This book is great for acknowledging where colors are naturally seen throughout Canada!

If you're interested in getting your own copy these quick links are for you to view them on Amazon.


10 Engaging Halloween Videos for Primary Students

I hope your students find these ten videos engaging and entertaining this Halloween!

Happy video watching!

5 Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate 

(1 min 57 sec)

Shake Them Bones 

(2 min 20 sec)

It's Halloween! 

(5 min 15 sec)

Spooky Spooky! 

(2 min 50 sec)

Spooky Spooky - Same or Different Game 

(3 min 25 sec)

If You're A Kid... 

(2 min 45 sec)

Too Spooky For Me 

(3 min 12 sec)

Insy Winsy Spider 

(1 min 22 sec)

Haunted House 

(2 min 49 sec)

Halloween Stomp 

(3 min 17 sec)


Sharing a link in a pdf

Have you ever struggled with pdf links no longer working for you?

I have run into this issue a couple of times in my career and for some reason I cannot always remember this tip.

So, I wanted to share it with you as I'm sure others have had the same issue!

The simple secret to making sure a link does not go dead is to ensure that all the text is on one line! That's it! It is that simple! You're link will not go dead if you do this.

I used to often make my url's the same size as my text on the page, which could often vary in size, but not anymore! I'm tired of my links going dead!


Back to School: Just In Case Clothes

I cannot believe that it is already this time of the year again!

Time to set up my classroom and get everything ready for the new students who have never been to school before!

Let's be real. Accidents happen ALL. THE. TIME. in Kindergarten!

As a result, the very first thing I tackled this year is my "just in case" clothes bag. We keep it in students buckets in our hallway and at night their indoor shoes go on top of the bag. I'll be honest, I like a uniform look so I make the bags up myself and it allows parents to realize that the clothes should fit inside this container.

I always ensure that students names are on the bag so that they are easy to identify if they get lost and I like to add a list for what parents can add in the bag.

The list is pretty simple:
2 pairs of socks
2 shorts/pants
2 shirts
2 underwear

Parents appreciate that they know I've got everything ready for them and I love the organized look!

Happy back to school!

Teacher Desk Must Haves

Welcome to the sneak peak of my teacher desk.

I'm going to list my favorite "go to" essential supplies that I always have on hand.

It's taken me a long time to figure out what I use and what I don't use in my classroom. Everything that I have listed below I use on a daily or weekly basis in my room.

FYI: This post includes affiliate links for where you can pick identical or similar items off of Amazon. No pressure. I just wanted to make life easy for you!


If you cannot tell through my pictures, I LOVE Sharpie pens as they have so many uses in my classroom.

Writing on chart paper.

Creating bulletin boards.

Using as an art medium.

In my collection, I have both of these sets and I love them as they offer a wide variety of colors. I don't mind the duplicates as they are usually the colors I use the most.


Flair pens are my new favorite writing tool.

I use them for EVERYTHING.

I've always been bored with writing with the same color so these give me lots of options!

My favorite pen, when I need a black one, is the Dixon Trend brand.

I like how smooth it is when it prints.

I will admit that not many other of my teaching peers "love" them but for some reason, they are the only pens of mine that regularly disappear from my classroom.

Chalk & Whiteboard Tools

Chalk paint markers for whiteboards and dry erases crayons.

The markers are great for being "permanent" in that they need to be washed off.

The dry erase crayons are fun!

I try to use these for notes and messages I don't want the kids to be easily erasing throughout the day.

I love using chalk markers for blackboards. To be honest, this isn't the brand I use (I got mine in the craft section of the local Dollar store).

I use these all the time to write messages and questions for provocations at learning centers.


I use thin and thick highlighters.

I use them mostly in my writing program having students highlight where they have edited their work.

I also love using them for rainbow writing activities!

Scissors & Punches

Fiskars is the only brand that I like for scissors or hole punches.

The brand of scissors we are allowed to purchase through our school is horrible at cutting.

Although my scissors are not in the image above they are very similar to this one. My scissors have a cover which I always use and I never let the students use them.

Do you have any other "must have" items that are on your teacher desk that you cannot do without?
Let me know below!
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