Shared Reading Ideas

I love shared reading. Especially with primary students.

It is a time to have fun reading a story together.

Often the teacher will read the poem first on their own.

Then students will echo read where students repeat what the teacher has said.

Choral reading occurs when the teacher and students read together.

Fill in the blank reading. This is when the teacher will pause every once and a while and the students guess the missing words. This helps students make meaning and can help develop their understanding of rhyming words.

Integrating themes and interests, with simple sight words around the topics of shared reading helps students develop their confidence in their ability to read!

Learning activities during shared reading:

Find the hidden word
Search for the letter of the week
Search for letters in your name
Model 1-1 correlation by point to the words when reading
Model left to right and top to bottom progression
Discuss concepts of print (capitals, spaces and punctuation)
Develop a sense of a story (characters, setting beginning, middle and ending)
Develop an ability to predict and infer
Expand their vocabulary
Expand their understanding of topics, themes and styles of writing

I will be honest, I was lacking differentiated poem materials to ensure I had copies that are perfect for my high readers and and also had enough visual supports provided for my low readers or ELL students.

So I wrote some poetry. Each poem has 4-5 versions of the poem included which vary from few images cues to many for differentiated learning.

I firmly believe it is important to have fun activities which integrate math and literacy so I ensured that it is included for each of the poems in the sets.

If you're interested in checking them out, I have included the links below!

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