Are You Ready To Ditch the Planner?

Communicating with parents is a vital part of a teachers job especially in the primary grades.

Now with digital communication, quick communication is easier than ever.I'm going to discuss here some of the benefits of using Remind instead of a planner.

Click here to learn more about the benefits of communicating with parents using Remind!

2-Way Texting

Reminds new feature allows private 2-way communication between teachers and parents. Set "office hours" if desired to define your personal life.

Many teachers have been able to use this successfully without set office hours.

Teaching Benefits

More time can be used to teach content than having students write simple messages with primary students.

Help engage students by focusing more on activities they are actively interested in order to develop their confidence and increase their interests in writing instead of writing notes as many slow writers get frustrated with writing and copying messages.  

Spend less of your planning time and class time actually teaching instead of reading and double checking each Childs planner.

Yes, I know.

We all have students who "claim" they don't have a note!

Other Benefits:

* Be able to prepare for accommodations before school (e.g., a broken arm)

* Quick reminder of missing permission forms (e.g., copy & paste the messages!)

Planner free? Nope! It's not for me.

Not everyone embraces technology with open arms.

Not all schools have access to technology.

Not all families can afford the internet or a cell phone.

Planners still have a lot of validity.

They can help develop printing skills.

The teach help kids how to write lists and sentences.

They help students become more aware of events at school! 

To be honest, I like to do a mixture of Remind and a communication book. This allows my parents to message me if they do not have an easy access to the internet.

Do you use this app or a different one like it? I would love to hear how it is working for you and get more feedback from other teachers.

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