What is a Boomerang Lunch?

What is a boomerang lunch? Boomerang lunches are a school-wide initiative to help reduce the amount of waste we create at school by ensuring that everything that is brought to school is returned home at the end of the day.

How can I participate? If your school runs this program, they will request that you pack all lunches in a way that all the items to your house to be reused. If packaging is brought to school, it is then returned home.

The end result is that school is looking to educate the community at large, but especially students, about reducing their waste imprint in their day to day life. Schools also reinforce to students that by sending their food home, their parents know what they enjoy eating and what may be wasted so that parents can look for alternative foods, if needed.

Although a bit more inconvenient, it is much more cost effective to purchase items in bulk and bring food in containers. Labels easily help identify whose container is whose. It also encourages food items with less packaging (e.g. grapes can easily be stored in a container and brought to school throughout the whole week).

Who participates? All students and staff members of schools participate in preparing their lunches like this for the full year!

Why participate? Please consider the environment, especially as many schools are either an Eco-School or they want to be environmentally friendly. Our end goal is to help your child become aware of how they can make a positive impact in the small details throughout their everyday life! Usually schools who are eco-schools are audited by children who participate in an eco-team club at least once in a school year. Their goal is to try to encourage a decrease in waste in the school and educate their peers on how to consciously do small things that will reduce waste.

How can I prepare? Shop in bulk and buy things that can spread over many days! Look for reusable containers that have multiple storage spots in them. Stainless steel containers are perfect for helping to reduce your plastic imprint and are easily washed.

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