Quick Games to Support Learning Letters

Fridge Fun

Post the letter of the week or a high frequency word, based upon ability, on the fridge. Throughout the day ask them what the letter/word is or what sounds it makes.

You can even add a game to it by asking them whenever they want something to eat or drink!

X's & O's

Play X's and O's using the letters that your child is learning! Change it up and make it fun!


Use sight word flash cards (or alphabet cards for letter names or sounds) and three or more cards that say ZAP! on them.

If your child reads the word correctly they get to keep the card. If the ZAP! card is flipped over the person whose turn it is looses all their cards to the discard pile.

The game continues until thee are no more cards. This is a great game for siblings!

Tracing Letters/ Rainbow Writing

Rainbow writing is a lot of fun for young children.

I often get them to pick 4-7 colors to trace based upon their age and ability. These pages can be reused over and over again to save paper and the more colors students add the more beautiful it becomes!

I even love using it for sight words! Please see the images below to check out what rainbow writing activities I have for kindergarten to grade one!


  1. Love the idea of using games to help learning. One of the walls in our kitchen has become a word wall. Our little one uses it to practice her writing. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a great idea! Very accessible for your kids!


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