Cheering To Learn Sight Words

Cheering letters is fun way to learn sight words. These are a variety of cheers that I have used in my classroom throughout the past 9 years. Many, of these cheers if not all of them, have been around for many more years I have been teaching for. I am sure that even though some of these cheers my students have “invented” in my classroom I highly doubt that they have invented something new and that it was the first time that it was used.

When we cheer our sight words we always do it three times in a row. First we call out all the letters with an action and then use a fun action when we call out the word. 

Differentiated learning at its best! Why does it work?
Actions – help support kinesthetic learners
Reading – helps support visual learners
Chanting – helps support auditory learners, through hearing themselves and others repeating the letters!

FYI: Generic cards are great for letting your kids pick their own actions (e.g., community helpers – get your student to pick what they will do to cheer the letters in the words!) Have fun with these actions and let your kids create their own favorites! Use these as a starting guide because when your students invent their own, they will quickly become the class favorites to use! Use the blank page provided to write down the ones your students create so you don’t forget them!

Click on this link or the image below to grab a freebie to help you teach sight words!

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