Teacher Tips: Start the School Year with Success

1. Make sure you take the time to get to know your students.

In the younger years, this might involve a lot of time spent with your students. Asking questions and just listening to them tell you all about their day and their interests.

In the older grades, get to know you activities as a whole group or as inventory checklists are great ways to find out more about them!

The better you know them, the easier it is to make good connections which will provide the foundation for learning and a smoother year both for them and yourself.

2. Make sure you talk to your students about your own life.

Yes, it is true. Children find it fascinating to find out about our own lives and that we do not live at school! They need to know it is normal to have a life outside of school and that you have a family too.

3. Prepare in spurts!

Save yourself stress by getting things done before school starts.

I try to prepare basics at the end of the school year but just leave student names off of them. This way, when I come back to school I can focus on setting up the classroom and preparing lessons with less stress.

Everyone does this differently, but try to find a good balance of spreading your "to do list" out in a way that will not overwhelm you at the beginning of the school year. If you have access to your classroom early try to head in to set up in the summer

4. Collaborate with others.

Collaboration is one of the best parts of teaching. Getting to know your colleagues and having each others back is imperative to having a smooth year.

5. Purge when you can

When you start planning and you come across an old resource that you were saving "just in case someday you may need it," it likely means that you will never use it.

I know many colleagues, as well as myself, who had good intentions like this. We eventually have learned that hoarding isn't to our advantage and we often never use those "old keepsakes" anyways.

I've learned the hard way, don't feel guilty about purging!

Teachers are notorious for saving everything. Give yourself the freedom to let things go.

6. Enjoy your summer.

Take a break from school!

If you are constantly thinking about school you will never get reenergized the way that you will need to prepare for the new school year.

Relax, enjoy your family and enjoy life!

7. Enjoy each moment along the way.

The curriculum is important, but not so much that you forget to enjoy each day to its fullest.

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Please feel free to post your favorite tip for starting the school year with success. All the best in a successful school year!

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