Start a Walking School Bus in Your Community!

Walking school buses have many benefits to both yourself, your family and your community!

They are organized to help improve safety in your neighborhood. There is safety in numbers!
They encourage a healthy lifestyle by making it normal to walk to school everyday.
They help to develop community relationships amongst neighbors who work together to ensure everyones safety.
As an "extra" bonus, they reduce parking issues at school as it is a serious safety hazard when there are a lot of cars parked near schools due to parents dropping off or picking up their children.

How does it work?

The walking school bus concept is simply the organization of adults who take turns walking to school with a group of children of all ages who live in the same area. This helps parents know that their child is safe, ensures that the children are getting to school and home at the end of the day, while only having to personally walk their child once or twice a week (depending upon how large your group is). This decreased time commitment allows parents to get to work on time with less stress or can just free up your morning to get those extra daily task that are always needing to get done. 

How do I start one?

1st: Find some families who live in your area who would appreciate this type of a community building opportunity.
2nd: Agree upon a time and location to meet in order to walk to school together.
3rd: Figure out which day works best for each parent or older responsible siblings to take responsibility for the group walking to school.
4th: Meet together at the predetermined location and say "good-bye" to your child knowing that they will be safe walking to school when it's not your turn to walk the group.

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