Staycation Fun

This year I have been enjoying giving my own children a glimpse into my childhood on daily trips to a local lake and "enjoying" the progress of actively working on transforming my backyard into my dream backyard with my family.

Water Fun! My Favorite memories as a child.
About 17 years ago my dad was diagnosed with several heart conditions. Between not being able to lift over 20lbs for several years and us not being able to financially help we could not help repair our family boat. This year we inherited it from my parents as they are downsizing and my husband spent the spring fixing the boat. I am so happy that my kids are able to develop a new love and appreciation for water sports!

 This is me on the tube. First time in 17 years!

Watching the family enjoy tubing!

It took several trips to get used to the waves but my dog now officially loves coming boating!

Sunsets on the water!

Backyard Transformation
In the spring we decided to remove our pond. It was in our backyard, beautiful and working when we bought the house but we have realized that it doesn't suit our families lifestyle. Having a dog motivated me to want to change up the background asap in order to have some grass to prevent the mud from coming into the house!

 This was the first job we tackled. I dug out this corner section of my garden and transplanted my plants into! In the photo below you can see how long it became. The gardens are over 6 feet deep!

We kept the rocks from the pond and repurposed them. The large ones are interspersed between the plants in the back garden. The small ones in the pile here (seen in the photos) will eventually become a border separating the garden from the grass. The buckets, hidden under the tarp, are filled with stones from the pond which will help to form the rock base of the future fire pit.

This photo can sort of give you a glimpse into how large our pond was (and some water equipment drying out from a boating excursion). It was surrounded by wide gardens. We moved these plants into our back garden.

In the photo above you can see our stacks of grass that we replanted under our tree. Since  replanting the grass we now have grass under our tree for the first time ever!

We will eventually have a fire pit in this hole. Surrounded by stone work that used to be the waterfall in the pond that we removed this spring (which is now the dirt behind the circle) and we will have some sort of deck or patio against the house (to be determined still)!

I will eventually post more photos as the project continues.

I hope you have enjoyed a glimpse into our staycation! What are you doing for your summer vacation?

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