Movement & Dance Song List

Young children need movement, and a lot of it!

Dance is great to burn off extra energy and to help them focus.

We use dance as a transition activity to help accommodate slower students and motivate them to finish an activity quickly to join in on the fun!

Our Favorite Dancing Songs!

{In no particular order}

A Pirate You Shall Be We had a pirate inquiry and this song engaged our students the most as a result!
I Like To Move It Just Dance version with kids
I Like To Move It (Original) from the Madagascar Movie
The Gummy Bear Song
Despicable Me
Shake It Off
I'm Gonna Catch You (rhyming song)
Five Little Monkeys (always good for a giggle from the kids!)
The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)
What Makes You BeautifulIf You're A Kid Great Series to learn to follow directions
If You're a Kid (Halloween Remix) If You're a Kid (Earth Day Remix) Not extremely engaging but great to introduce ways to help save the earth!
We Are The Dinosaurs Antelopes Loves Cantalopes by Splash 'N Boots
Can you feel the rhythym on the street? by Splash 'N Boots (Unfortunately, I cannot find an online link to this song but it is well worth it to find your own version somewhere)
Shoes by Splash 'N Boots

Helpful Tip: I created a YouTube "Dance" favorites list within my own YouTube account and we can now always quickly access these videos to play on our data projector.

My hope is that you can find some great new songs from this list! They are tried and true in our class.

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