Birthday Celebrations {Acknowledging 5 years in K!}

Who doesn't love a party or some sort of acknowledgement of an achievement? I am celebrating 5 wonderful years in kindergarten! How kindergarten looks has changed quite a bit throughout these past five years. From half days, to full day/alternating days and now onto full day Kindergarten. I still love it just as much as I did when I started! 

In order to celebrate I want to share with you how we celebrate birthdays in our class. 

1st. During a whole group time we call our "birthday friend" up to the front. We sing "Happy Birthday" with lots of cha-cha-cha's! 

2nd. We sing "How old are you now?" to the tune of Happy Birthday and count up to the number and stopping when the birthday child yells "stop!" 

3rd. We sing "Bonne Fête" to introduce some French in our class.

4th. We sing "Quel age as tu?"  and count in French stopping at "arrêt!" 

5th. Our birthday child makes a crown! I used to use bulletin borders as crowns and the kids loved them. I then went on to making a blank crown which they would colour and design any way that they wanted to! I recently changed this up as I didn't want to worry about cutting them out and wanted my students to do it independently. I cut out strips of poster board and then let them choose from a variety of pre-designed crowns to cut and color. They can pick from a wide assortment of abilities!

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