Celebrating Birthdays in Primary Grades

Children need attention and acknowledgement on a regular basis.

They crave it even more than we do.

As a result, I believe it is very important to recognize all student birthdays in my classroom! We have a routine. It isn't big but I wanted to share it with you. HINT: There is a lot of singing!

1st: During a whole group time we call birthday child up to the front

2nd: We sing "How old are you now?" to the tune of Happy Birthday and count up to the number and stopping when the birthday child yells "stop!"

3rd: We sing "Bonne Fête" to introduce some French in our class.

4th: We sing "Quel age as tu?"  and count in French stopping at "arrêt!"

5th: The birthday child gets a crown!

 I used to use bulletin borders as crowns or a blank crown which they would colour and design any way that they wanted.

I recently changed this up as I didn't want to worry about cutting the crowns out in the middle of class and I wanted my students to do it independently.

To prepare, at the beginning of the year, I cut out strips of poster board to go around their head and stored them in a safe location in the class. I then let them choose from a variety of pre-designed crowns which they get to to cut out and color.

They love bing able to pick from a wide assortment of abilities and wear their crown proudly all day!

Click below if you want to see what we use!

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