10 Tips for Kindergarten Parents Before School Starts

1. We cannot wait to meet your child! 

Teachers are looking forward to meeting your child just as much as your child is excited to come to school!

We love kids and want them to feel welcomed, loved and to develop a love of learning!

2. Backpack size.  

Make sure the backpack is big enough to hold their lunch container, a mail bag, a large sized library book or possibly two as well as a large bag of soiled clothes!

Little "cute" backpacks are never large enough and children end up awkwardly carrying home numerous bags just to make sure that their belongings   get home safely.

3. Our thoughts on shoes.

Teachers are very busy during the day.

We wish we did have time to constantly tie laces that are constantly coming apart but would rather spend time teaching them and connecting socially and emotionally.

Teach your child to put their shoes on independently before they come to school. 

We don't expect that they have mastered the skill but when you have 30+ students in your class we greatly appreciate it when your child has some independence. The pure joy children have when mastering putting on their shoes is amazing.

Your child will beam with pride! Need some tips? Check out this blog post!

4. A large sturdy water bottle is a necessity! 

Many classes do not have sinks that are easily fillable by students with small water containers.

Having one realistically large enough to last for a good portion of the day will help your child immensely.

5. Please leave all personal belongings at home. 

If your child came home with a Pokemon card it was likely not traded for something else with parent consent. Many things get misplaced by little ones.

When something gets lost it is devastating for us to see how disappointed and sad your child is and this really upsets their learning. Please help prevent these mishaps and keep treasures, no matter what the size, at home.

6. Start the year with a spare change of clothes in a labelled ziplock bag.  

All students have accidents at school.

This is normal.

It may be a painting accident, a mud puddle or even a bathroom accident.  We are used to these and are not upset when they occur.

But we NEED a spare change of clothes to help your child.

7. Develop some independence in the washroom.  

Schools do have Educational Assistants who help toilet students with special needs but teachers can not enter the washroom to help your child.

Practice these skills so that it is not something new.

They do not need to be masters of it, but should be familiar with the routines (aka, know how to wipe and flush). A nightly bath routine will help ensure cleanliness!

Knowing how to take clothes on and off is an important skill for them if they have had an accident.

8. Please label all of your Childs belongings. 

Schools throw out multiple backpacks, shoes, hats, mittens, pants, shirts, underwear, socks, snow suits and sandwich containers.

The list goes on and on.

Basically everything you send to school!

Often children will say, "Mine is at home!" even if it is clearly labelled with their name! Label using your last name only if you have multiple children!

9. Practice cleaning up at home. 

You may be shocked but by the end of the school year your child will be an expert tidy upper and helper of others!

Start with some simple jobs at home, such as taking their plate to the kitchen sink at home. It might be a "grown up" activity that they look forward to doing instead of being reminded to always pick up after themselves after playing.

10. We are here for you! 

Have a question? We want to answer it!

Don't be afraid to ask your teachers any question you may have. We are here to help.

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